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Cecile Dormeau x Libresse

Those of us with womb's know only too well about the many surprises of the reproductive organ’s busy monthly cycle! A bit of wee, discharge, periods? Libresse’s new campaign aims to celebrate and normalise all bodily fluids!

Kate Isobel Scott x Indoor Zine

Kate Isobel Scott almost makes lockdown look... fun! A brilliant plasticine world made for Its Nice That's 'Indoor Zine' last year, where twenty collaborators from around the world joined forces to create a zine about the great indoors during lockdown!

Chrissie x Teenage Cancer Trust

Celebrating music through art for Teenage Cancer Trust! EVERYONE’s amazing Chrissie Abbott has collaborated with the wonderful Kae Tempest on this print for the ONE OF A KIND exhibition curated by Tom Hingston in support of Teenage Cancer Trusts important work.

Stevie Gee x Paypal

This fast paced world is only getting faster and it’s for that reason, along with Covid safety measures, that Paypal saw the need for customers to be able to pay quickly, safely and with touch free ease. Stevie Gee’s characters and icons are adorning posters and TV screens across America where this print and animation campaign launched at the end of 2020.

Marcus Walters x The Christmas Pine

Each year The Poetry Society commissions a new poem to respond to the City of Oslo's annual gift to the people of London - a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square!

Al Murphy x 12 Daves of Christmas

Merry Christmas from Everyone here at EVERYONE! It's been a year like no other, so let's all say goodbye to 2020 with 60 seconds of festive cheer in '12 Daves of Christmas'!